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Fake Fantasy Review

Reviewed: 2011-02-07
Quick site rank and complete review of Fake Fantasy | Categories: Fetish

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bronze rank
Our Rating: 80/100

Quality of Content: 19/25

Purchase Value: 14/20

Leased/Own Content: 12/15

Update Frequency: 8/10

Content Variety: 8/10

Tour Promises/Reality: 5/5

Originality: 10/10

Navigation: 4/5

Images: yes

Live Shows / Chat: no

Streaming Video: yes

Downloadable Video: no

User Rating For FakeFantasy

User Rating: 53/100 - based on 81 votes.

Price & Payment Options

Join by phone or credit card through Epoch for $1.00 for a 2-day full-access trial, $39.95 for 30 days recurring.

Tour Promises

FakeFantasy.com promises thousands of hardcore celebrity pictures that you've been dying to see, the hottest fake pictures and videos and access to seven exclusive sites.

My Opinion About FakeFantasy

I think that it's safe to say that every single one of us has, at one point in time or another, fantasized about sex with a movie, rock or even television star. However, beyond watching our favourite stars tongue another star or simulate sex, the opportunity to see them fully naked or engaged in real sex, doesn't offer itself up all that often. Of course, there are the scandalous celebrity sex tapes, but there are only a handful of those, and often they don't even star are most beloved stars. This is where Fake Fantasy comes in. With a little help from Photoshop and other software, you can see the most famous stars fully nude and totally having sex!

As promised, this one membership gets you access to a total of eight sites including HomemadeCelebrityPorn, FamousMilf and PaparazziStalkers. It looks like all the content is grouped together, except for the homemade sex tapes which are located in a single gallery so that members can easily find them. Navigating the content isn't that bad for a site like this. You can look up favourite stars by searching their first name in the alphabetical listing or you can key in their name or other words that might return some results. There is an easy to use advanced feature to make life easier and you can also sort the content by choosing specific categories. Updates for FakeFantasy can be reached by selecting the site from a drop down list or by clicking on the site banner. This will return 72 pages of photos adding up to around 1420 sets of fake fantasies. Each set contains anywhere from five to 25 images that are around 800x538 pixels. I wouldn't say that there is a set standard size. Some pictures are smaller and some larger than 800x538, but this was the size I came across more often than not.

Pictures go from very realistic and sex to somewhat laughably fake. Nevertheless, I have to give the people doing the Photoshop work a lot of credit for creating some truly unique sets and for all the work put into finding appropriate sex scenes for a varying number of head shots. If you want to see Sarah Palin being nailed, then you'll find it. If you want to check out Gwen Stefani kissing a cock with her bright red lipstick, then it's here to be found. There are tons of your favourite celebrities and there are tons of celebrities from other countries, as well.

I wasn't expecting to find any video fantasies, but low and behold there is a gallery of 19 movies. These are very, very short five to 30 second Flash (320x240) clips, but at least they exist and some of the stars in these lewd fantasy shots include Natalie Portman, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Angelina Jolie. There are music tracks in order to drown out any multiple sounds from two spliced together movies and in Portman's video, her mouth keeps movie and she keeps smiling as some guy goes down on her. I found it all rather funny, but I can see how these fake videos might truly make some peoples fantasies come true. Videos are streaming only, but I think the photos did a better and more realistic job of creating the sexual fantasies as stars get rammed full of dick or splattered with sperm. However, the clips, particularly the shortest ones, will at least give you a vision in your mind that you can play over and over again in your own fantasies.

Final Verdict

You can't say that Fake Fantasy isn't a unique idea with original content and I'm fairly certain that you won't find this content anywhere else. Considering the amount of work that goes into creating these fake fantasies, I can understand the hefty membership fee. Also, you do get access to much more in the way of erotic photos and videos of stars. The site even includes homemade sex tapes from International stars and while any sex scandal fan will have seen some of these movies before, there are still quite a number of videos that might be new to some. Fake Fantasy may not be real, but it is definitely unique.

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